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Cuivage électrolytique

A significant property of copper is its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. Copper is not corroded by water, aqueous solutions of salts or acids, as these solutions do not have the effect of oxidation. Influence of oxide. Re-agents, including atmosphere oxygen, copper changes on oxides, which are unlike the metal copper is dismissing in a lot of acids. Properties of Excluded copper coatings are essentially dependent on their structure. Generally from the acid baths are excluded, mostly coarse grain, soft and supple, while from the cyanide much harder fine-grained coatings. Copper coatings are used as the interlayer for protective or decorative coating, in particular nickel, silver coating or in galvanoplastics as a stand-alone decorative surface.

Nous pourrons offrir à nos clients:
  • the option of tin coating on rack and in bulk
  • fully automated line – Atotech
  • option of coating small ,medium and large series
  • option of coating small, medium and large assortment
  • all standard coating layers from 2 microns (otherwise according to customer requirements)
  • the measurement of the coating thickness by x-ray measuring station
  • corrosion tests in the condensation chamber
  • electronic outputs of coating process for every rod (rack)- line Atotech
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revêtement métalliquesur le rack (Kč/dm2)en vrac (Kč/kg)